Sunday, March 22, 2009

The "Devil"

The most deliberate phenomena in Indian bureaucracy happen to be the corruption. No citizen is scared of such an illegal activity. It is hardly unseen in public life. Also bribery is very common unofficially. It is the most celebrated thing from taluk offices to the office of the highest order of precedence.
About three among 8.5 among 10 are corrupted in India. Some are unknowingly trapped. All the three wheels, the executive, the legislature and judicial system of the Indian government are very often lubricated and driven on false path. Our people never realize that by corrupting or getting corrupted we are betraying a chance of hundreds, hurting a lakh and so on.
Democracy since grown among ourselves had taken the roots out to shoot off our own fruit. To make out things in haste blaming the regulations and ideals each person betray a generation of-course of their own.
Loyalty nowadays is a word confined only to dictionaries. The modest, young man could do no worse act than corruption. Corruption is now, suppose to be a word with no contempt rather a worship to attain anything. A poet could exclaim no better a simile than ‘devil’ for the word corruption.

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