Sunday, March 22, 2009

21st century Fox - Technology

How can a human being of 21st century possibly walk away unnoticing the events occurring in and around? Is he encouraged to do so or forced to? Is he pretending to ignore it?
Never, never more this can happen. It is he who’s having a command over his inferiors. It is he who’s managing the agenda of an organization and it is he who’s never fed-up of work. He does all this with a number of electronic and digital gadgets fixed all over his body and working with some of them. He is on work wherever he is on the planet.
It’s the technology that has offered him his work tools. Any folk of any status, any country and of any creed will overwhelm at this breath taking engineering marvel. Our society has learnt a good impact of this advancement revolutionizing the world. The technology show up each and every time it creates a new kit. The most customer-loving characteristics it possesses are that of its low cost.
Technology has overcome in almost every field. Education today, never before is dangling at silicon edge. About 80% of students in their secondary and higher education are computer literate. The only machine that has peeped into all walks of human life is the computer. Improving technology is increasing job opportunities but some skeptics believe it in other way, that it has grabbed considerable amount of human labor. Perhaps certain jobs have been abolished and some posts have been cleared altogether. But such a revolution which could offer more jobs and even earn more, could overpower meager losses.
Education is a key feature where the fast during technology can find new grounds for its marketing. Legally very much backed, technology enjoys its reign over the education. Where a candidate had to strive hard applying for competitive exams through many correspondence between him and the organizing committee is now relaxing by sending his application through internet and getting admit card on the spot. Once where students had to wait a week or so after the release of result to see their marks scored in Board exams, are now in a hurry applying for higher education the next day after the result has been published. Once we had only a handful of disciplines for selection in higher education, where it is now dumped with courses offering new job orientation in various fields.


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